Preclinical Evaluation

Live Porcine Surgery

Titan’s engineering team members traveled to a laboratory specializing in preclinical research, where Dr. Ricardo Estape successfully performed a porcine hysterectomy and offered his insights on the preclinical performance of the Enos™ system, including the improved instruments, camera vision and illumination.

Preclincal System Evaluation in the Operating Room

Dr. Estape performed the porcine procedure while comfortably seated at the Enos™ Surgeon Workstation.

The entire hysterectomy surgery was accomplished through a single access point, an abdominal incision through which a variety of multi-articulating instruments and a 10 mm endoscopic camera with an integral light source were delivered to the target anatomy via the Enos™ Patient Cart.

Dr. Estape noted the strength of the multi-articulating instruments and the quality of visualization provided by the new camera and light sources.