Marking New Achievements

The team is growing. We’ve clarified our vision. Our benchmarks signal a turn.
The Titan Medical internal team now comprises all of the key aspects of our development plan. Titan’s team has achieved electromechanical and software progress that enables new features and improves the surgeon experience unlike any changes we have made previously.


A 360 Degree Team

To enable a surgeon to perform their work with the aid of robotic systems, we have undertaken the science of understanding surgeon movement. We’ve paired this knowledge with the challenges of surgery in small spaces, notably, manipulating instruments, lights and cameras through small incisions This team combined its deep knowledge of physics and kinetics to improve natural motion, haptic sensation and strength, achieve clearer vision and effect efficient system and tool design. We are  now ready to schedule surgeons to use Enos system technology in animal labs.

It’s all in the Wrist… the Hands, and the Eyes….

Strength to operate in confined spaces near the incision entry point

The ability to control two independent LED light sources

A 2D HD camera in the insertion tube and a steerable 3D HD camera

Free rotation of end effectors

Input from numerous surgeons representing multiple subspecialties

Powerful and natural movement.

Setting our Path

We have now demonstrated key elements of dexterity, strength, vision and range that set us on our path to commercialization. By achieving our objectives, we confidently move to our next step of inviting surgeons to use our new technology in animal studies.