Dry Lab

A Surgeon’s Hands-on Evaluation

Dr. Ricardo Estape visits Titan’s development hub in Chapel Hill, NC to test
the team’s latest updates in vision systems and articulating instruments.

Surgeons in the Driver's Seat

With the mission of Titan Medical to ensure that surgeons be able to improve the outcomes for patients, Titan routinely invites surgeons to evaluate and provide their valuable feedback on all aspects of the Enos system technology.  All input is considered, from the experience of sitting in the surgeon’s chair operating the ergonomic workstation controls, to observing the flat panel HD monitor wearing 3D glasses, to understanding the nuances of pressing footpedals to engage clutch mechanisms.  Dr. Estape’s latest dry lab test helped the engineering team validate the latest improvements, while revealing important indicators of success for future technology adoption.

We’re now more confident than ever that our Enos robotic single access surgery system represents a leap forward in robotic surgery.